Creature concept

Here is a second version, the head was just not working.

Although I'm not sure about the new head either. Thoughts?


D.R. Hovey said...

Well the first head was made of dice, though I didn't mind. I like a little Yatzee with my monsters. The second head is a wee bit more generic, but I like it mucho regardless. The dimensionality on both is great. These guys look really volumetric. Nicely done.

John Olson Design said...

really nice form - beautiful paintings!

I really like the geometric quality of the first head - I think you could develop it into something quite wonderful

Bernadette said...

I like the top face best it is creepier. i think it needs a tail or something. sweet colors

Zirngibism said...

I really like the dice-head design. Perhaps if you made it more apparent that it had teeth connected to it, you could sorta get the best of both worlds.

Nicely done. Have you considered making it full color?

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