Leo Pipe

Ok, currently i'm new to the blogging jig and laptop is currently out of commission, so bear with me i will [post more when time comes.
Ok well this piece is my JE piece that i've been slacking off from so eyah, started with a red lead pencil sketch did a transfer with tracing paper. soon as i got it on a nice piece of paper I used Pipe ash as a charcoal powder and thats how i got the moon the rest i've built up with a little more ash and then started detailing with graded pencil and then finished the piece with black pastel. lotta trial ,little error thank god. Tell me what you think nuggats!!!!!!


green Olive said...
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Alex Lyon said...

This is kickin some ass Leo. Kudos. I feel like the clouds need to be a little more...dark. i think i just feel like the rim lighting is a bit light. I think some more texture in the moon would be sweet too. Those are both more minor thing. I like the comp. It's central but still weighted to the right.

Glad to see you post man!

Sorry the one above was me. I was accidentally signed in as someone else.

PhiL said...

nice job leo, Id say that more important than the clouds is to darken that right leg because it seems to me like its coming out in front of the left leg and is hurting the anatomy on that guy, other than that I like this one

you might also try darkening the entire background, but it still works if you dont

Zirngibism said...

Definitely a nice start! I'll agree about darkening the white in the background, but only at the top. I think having some light towards the bottom of the piece helps to bring the clouds forward.

By the way, cool idea about pipe ash. I've considered having the nurse take out an extra vial if I ever have a blood test so I could paint with my own blood sometime. Not very lightfast, though... :-\

Leo-O said...

hey thanks for the tips guys, but yeah KZ i don't think blood would be a good medium and plus blood often changes color especially upon coagulation

Mike Puncekar said...

Love the textures in this and the composition.

p.s. if I ever saw someone painting with red, and then discovered it was blood... I'm not sure what I would do.

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