self portrait

this is me at the bottom of the ocean.  Weird Fishes Arpeggi by Radiohead made me think of this picture.  It is not finished because I cant decide if the crabs should be light or dark?? Dudes, help me out, tell me what you think


Alex Lyon said...

This is looking sweet. I think it would benefit you to maybe break up the bottom with some crab variation. Maybe some lighter ones or even just lighter parts here and there but mainly dark.

Dave Groff said...


Mike Puncekar said...

That black crab is mighty unsettling. All I see are spiders, and screw spiders. And maybe Lost in Space the movie.

Anyways, it's crazy how much of a different picture I get in my head form this song. I put it on when I read that, and well, I see relatively happy things haha. Anyways (anyways), I vote for the crabs to all be pretty dark. It's the bottom of the sea, and the should be scary as heck. The problem would be they could become overpowering with all the contrast but with the way you are working balancing it out shouldn't be too hard if it is. With lighter colored crabs though I think it would lose its sense of menace.

Anyways (anyways)((anyways)) Put some clothes on next time you go down to the bottom of the ocean, It's cold down there, and people will judge.

Zirngibism said...

You should call it "The Death of Venus"

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