sit down, stand up

A pencil sketch just for fun. The story is on the soldjers ax. Angel has knife in chest and lilly blade bleads out. As if there is a legend of her distroying a nation in defence. Angel on shoulders looks away ashamed of its history.
Ha ha, i just made all that up to make the sketch more epic. Kind of diferernt style for me, I am really starting to notice my art getting in spired from Don, and didn't use referance. I got to color it still.


Bernadette said...

sweet drawing nav. are you referencing radiohead in the title?

Alex Lyon said...

I really like how this is looking. I find my self wishing the wings were more apperent. This is very impressive that this is with no photo ref. good movment in the angle's figure, natural body language. If/When you add color and value make sure you have a good strong lightsource or two. That would make this peice all the more epic. Kudos.

Remember to size your images to 72dpi for web. It's a little big. lol

NaV said...

Thanks a lot Alex that was a lot of help. I haven’t posted many things on the web so thanks for the sizes. I see what you mean about the size being a little… ah yeah . I also was going to ask what people thought about the wings, and you read my mind, hopefully I get to finish this up before the home work come in.

and Bern, the name was a part to an old poem i wrote and when i heard that rh song, i liked that line even more, so i used it.

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