Moby Dick

Here's the final illustration.

Here is my comp for the styles book cover.

I could use some feedback.


Miles said...

It looks disgustingly good for just a comp. The textures are really well implemented. I'd continue to add more subtleties in line, color and value to push the waves and the eye a little more.

Also, fiddle with the type a little more. The two patches of lettering look too distant and disparate and it's just a little awkward. Try and figure out a composition that will play off the main focal points you've established, namely the two instances of type, the eye and that whirlpool or wave or fin to the left of the eye (it's less defined and a little trickier for me to make out so work on that too).

Also, you've got a really good handle on the illustration, but as everyone always tells me, you need to integrate your type more effectively. Maybe take it into Illustrator and stylize it somewhat?

And of course, be prepared for the possibility of the entire thing being shot down. Most people in the class appreciate good illustration, but there could be fundamental or irking flaws that I and you and anyone who comments here who isn't in our class aren't seeing. Fortify your soul for hurt and anguish. That way, if it doesn't get shot down, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Alvaradolol said...

Thanks a lot Miles, very good suggestions! I'll work some of those things out before class.

Alex Lyon said...

This Kicks a whole lot of ass Alex. I really like how this is turning out. I wouldn't change the way the font looks. Unless you have a good eye for type don't mess with fonts. It never looks good lol. A tweak is different though.

I would agree with Miles though that you should tighten up the enter locking design though. But I do really like the font style with the view in your illustration.

DENt said...

The one with the text is an EPIC piece. Very badass

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