Where The Wild Things Are

Hey everyone, first post here, sorry I haven't posted anything since joining, been super busy. Anywho, this is a drawing of my rendition of the book Where The Wild Things Are for my styles and concepts class. I'm painting it digitally with a combo of painter and photoshop, so I'll post the final up when it's finished.


Alex Lyon said...

Hey its great to see you posting. This is looking really good so far. Are you planning on sticking with the color scheme of the original illustrations? or something realistic and saturated? Im just wondering. I love the face on Max, reminds me of teenage Dexter...if you watch that show. haha

Tyrassic said...

Thanks Alex. No I'm not really planning on using the original color scheme, I want to make it really dramatic and naturalistic with the lighting and the style. Im using a lot of cool purples and blues for the night sky/background contrasting with warm tones of the foreground with the monster and Max.

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