work in progress

These are pretty loud colors, i wasnt expecting this, just a skecth so y not mess with crazzy color. I still have alot of cleaning up to do because it is not done. I was also thinking about putting a gold or royal purpul design or logo on the flags and the chest plate. What do u think. (sorry about the bad spelling)


Bernadette said...

this looks very interesting. The red and green towards the bottom is so pretty. actually I like all the colors the only thing that makes it hard to read is the black stripes in the background, too much contrast. definitely find a way to emphasize the faces maybe make them lighter?

NaV said...

Yeah, you are right about that those back stripes, i will have to simplify, change there color or delete those things. hopefully i will have time to work on it and the faces, thanks!

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