Childrens book

I hate to fallow all these masterpieces with sketches but I am about to start a childrens book and I skcetched out the pages and wondering if they are working. If anyone has a spare second, I would really apreciat and input. The rest of the pages are here http://nathanwondrak.blogspot.com/.

I will end up going with a lighter line quality, take out the cat and fix some faces, but this is the main detection the boss wanted

This is the only page with multaple pictures on the same page, would that be ok?

There would also me more environments in most but I will watercolor these in a vignette like way. ThankI


Bernadette said...

I think on the second panel you should move the type off the images or have it overlap on all three of the poses. You could probably move the refridgerator in to the left to balance the composition. I love the top ill. I think the only thing I would change is maybe the pose of the little girl, you might try having her face the opposite direction of everybody else. When you start the final drawings you might want to get some ref because some of the figures don't seem to have consistent form. Overall I think you have composed theses really well and the characters are sweet.

NaV said...

Thanks alot, I see what u mean, and am workn on the finals and finished page one so its a start. Thanks agin Bern.

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