Hey everybody, It's been a real long time since I posted any stuff here so I figured I was due. These were two color comps in a series of four for Groffs class that I started last week. They are for a children's alphabet book on endangered or threatened species. I did the comps digitally for him and since I dont have any other digital stuff in my portfolio he said I should just finish them. So these are pretty close to what I think is finished, and I'm not so hot with this digital stuff so as many tips as you guys have, I wanna hear. And I'm going to do them traditionally too once these are all done. weee


Anonymous said...

great stuff Quinn, when you said color comps i got kinda worried cuz these looked really finished haha.

the platypus is all around good looking, nice colors and composition. I'd say thicken the grass up a bit.

i like the whale too but maybe you could add just a tiny bit of warmer secondary color to it and darken up up the bottom a bit. nice pieces though!

Angie Andrews said...


First off, I would like to tell you I have typed this comment three times now. So I am determined for you to hear what I think!

1. Awesome job on the platypus; it is drawn really beautifully, especially the face. I would almost like to see the body of the animal move away from that greenish hue, or move the shadow beneath him in a cooler direction. The shadow and the platypus kind of muddy together a bit.

2. Awesome job on the refracted light; it's really hard to do and you pulled it off well. Since the water is shallow in this piece, I would like to see that same effect carried through onto the grass below him. I agree with Chris, thicken it up a bit. If you put that watery reflection on there, I think it will add a lot of atmospheric depth and balance out the composition.

3. You have a really nice sense of light on the whale piece. It is very believeable that this is all taking place underwater. However, the whale and the water are almost the exact same hue. Although you have a really nice value structure, the piece flattens out because there is no atmospheric color difference. Maybe make the whale a little grayer or something; maybe make the water a little more green? I might also make the shadow underneath the whale seem a little more intense. You want to make it seem like that water is really deep compared to the first piece. Adding a starker shadow might help this a bit.

Also as a side note, I think if you maybe added a couple of accents in the background (other creatures, plants, etc.) It would help pull more depth from both of the pieces.

Good job!!

Angie Andrews said...

I almost want to revoke my last statement. I wouldn't add too many creatures in the background; it might start looking like one of those dolphin folders you could buy in like first grade.

Quinn said...

Thanks for the comments guys, I agree with all of them. I was trying to think of other things to add to the backgrounds that started with the same letters, like for the blue whale add a buoy, but I couldnt think of anything cool for the platypus, any more ideas floatin around out there?

D.R. Hovey said...

a shark for the platypus. a shark.

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