A Boy Named Sue

This is my 60's song project for Groff. I chose to do "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash. The project isn't due until Thursday so I was hoping to get some feedback before then (it seems a little dark right now).


Anonymous said...

Why isn't there any smoke coming out of the cigarettes, and the one in the mouth of the man on the left looks like it's sitting on Sue's ear.

Kevin Havens said...

I like this a lot actually. It does need the smoke comin off the cig though. My biggest problem is that the whole composition feels cramped, you could space out the characters a bit and hint at a barroom atmosphere. Something like that. Great font choice, just keep pushing it.

Jerk-Face said...

i agree with the previous comments, I really like the expressions but the ellipse on that mug is killing me!

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