Wip wip

Landscape assignment
any suggestions?


Alex Lyon said...

I would like to see more. as of right now there is nothing grabing my attention... I just feel like there could be something there to break up all that negative space on the left. You have great atmosphere but if the statue/character is the focus then I would say make him closer/darker.

Phong Nguyen said...

yeah I think you need more too. it's pretty barebone right now. Make the space more believable. if you wanna make the figure the focus, you can do it with shapes cus if you add more contrast, he won't feel like he's in the bg. For one thing, put the figure close to the center or something so it's not so close to the top edge of the right hill thing.

Mike Puncekar said...

It's definitely interesting man. I'd say it works if it was like a 6 foot tall painting meant to be viewed in galleries, but for something more illustrative in nature I gotta agree with the other guys. I realy do like how much you have pushed back the statue though. That looks really good.

Kelly said...

get rid of that cliff on the horizon line, and make the landscape push wayyy back so theres a huge expanse that you can see. THat might help

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