First Winter Project: Final

This is my first and maybe my only Winter break project. It's a D&D adventurer Using a belt of "Bull Strength". I just finished it so let me know what you guys think.

I don't know if you can recognize him or not but Jordan Merchant was my reference model.


PhiL said...

very nice alex, i really like the painting of the armor and the use of two light sources. hmmm. i think perhaps your allowing too much of the warm light from the fire reach his lower body, especially on his arm, i think just using the green light there would help this a bunch, i think that arm just sticks out a bit too much right now

Bernadette said...

very cool, i like the armor on his shoulders. i think it would be good if you had the skin on his arm as green as the face, it was a little confusing at first.

Mike Puncekar said...

Nice fur you got going there. My crit is pretty much Bernadette's. But I gotta say, that belt going across his chest... is a really nice little bit of rendering.

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