EOW #130: The Water of Life at the World's End

This was done for the latest Environment of the Week.
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(I'm still tweaking it, too.)

I realized I hadn't really done much surreal/fantasy work.  Never really felt like I could identify with it so much, but I did really enjoy making this piece.  It was a challenge, though.  I ended up solving a couple of my problems using 3D.  For example, I initially sculpted the actual water in modo 302, then applying a water material (refraction index 1.33, just like in real water) in order to figure out the distortion of the figures underneath.  But I really backed myself into a corner compositionally.

In fact, it's got some problems what probably can't be solved unless I overall the whole thing, so it's probably a good idea to move on.  But big thanks to the awesome folks at the critique center at conceptart.org for helping me out with a myriad of issues.  Juggling a complex image is so hard to do objectively!


PhiL said...

nicely done! this is solid

Bernadette said...

this is sweet! love that water

NaV said...

Good stuff, thats for sure, I think you could use a little less textures in some places certain places. Under the top foutain some of the detale gets a little confuzing. Or maybe add some reflective light under him.

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