The Facebook Pokemon

As everyone might know on Facebook there was an FB event where one who change his/her FB profile picture into a pokemon, I guess to commemorate old hobbies and how this videogame almost took over the world. Well, I didn't want to be like everyone else and post up a google image. So I took the liberty of combining 2 fictional characters; Solid Snake and the pokemon Gulpin. so basically I referenced from a pokemon card which of course was Gulpin and combined little styles here and there. But the technique I've been concentrating on is making a transparent color layer where I can freely mess with the values and color thus giving it a sort of dramatic light. Right now this piece is still a little unfinished and I still have to render the gun and knife that Snake usually carried in the 3rd installment of the Metal Gear Solid series. But to sadfully say is I did not post this on FB so.. yeah. Comments.


Dave Armstrong said...

if this was on facebook, I would "like" it.

Leo-O said...

ok, now tell me whats wrong with it

Anonymous said...

shit might have just gotten real...anywho

it's a funny idea and it makes no sense, but i lol'd anyway. It still feels really sketchy, work on your values some more, bring the gulpinsnake figure out more buy darkening that area behind him up.

i like some of the textures like the double lines in the leaves, play with it some more till it all looks more finished!

Anonymous said...

i totally over used the word "more." my bad.

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