quick crit WIP

Edit: heres the finish on that one

hey everyone, I decided to grind out one last painting for AOI/SOI and its to a level where I think it could take some crits.

the idea is that the guy is ripping out a machine heart

please let me know how to make it stronger, think the background is a little lacking right now and could use a few suggestions


D.R. Hovey said...

Your work gets better with every piece. This reminds me of Repomen the upcoming movie and Repoman: The Genetic Opera. I would recommend making the light areas especially in the face a lot sharper to contrast the soft cool shadow areas. mabe some blood or oil on his shirt. the background could use work, but don't overdo it. make it subtle if anything, as the foreground image is complex enough as is. Good job man.

PhiL said...

thank you sir, that was very helpful

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