Ape Lincoln

A value study for my first styles project of the semester, combining a famous figure with an animal. Will be painting it digitally, going for a earthy desaturated 1800s style feel for the color.


Alex Lyon said...

That is looking great man, I feel like maybe you could boost the cheek bones square off the shoulders for a bit more characterized Lincoln feeling. The quality is there though. Nice rendering.

Bernadette said...

dang, nice drawing man. I agree with Alex's comment also I would lose that glowing line around him, or maybe just around his shoulders.

Tyler C. Bolyard said...

Thanks for the crits guys, I'll definitely make some changes when I go to paint.

SHYsuiko said...

licoln's making a comeback.

i also agree with the cheekbones, though the likeness is solid regardless~

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