New piece among all the others I'm working on

Here's the line drawing for my next piece. it's 30x40, so it's huge. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for palette, from either specific paintings or artists. Always appreciate another brain(s) to help think things out.
Btw, this is a painting about a dream. The sea below is hard to see, but it is the night sky as an ocean. so, black with stars. The island is the moon, and the sky/horizon will be the earth. The bottom of her bed will be a reflection of the sea, so black with stars, rippling from where she is being pulled through.
The guy pulling her is from my poem, the Pillow King, and he doesn't have a face on purpose. I'm thinking his head will also be filled with space. Maybe a specific constellation. You'll be able to see his mouth and eyes, which are smoking.

(i also fixed her right arm where the elbow is low since taking the picture...)

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Bernadette said...

Cool sketch!! the bedroom looks sweet and so does the girl's pose. I would change the pose of the dude he seems too static. you could have one of his legs flailing back and breaking the frame or something. I like that his head looks bigger than hers, you might even want to make it closer.

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