Hey guys these are some sketches for the home page of my website. Over each mouth will be a link to the other pages. I would like to know which you guys think is best, or if you had any ideas.


NaV said...

I really like the top on, Very symmetrical and the top mouth's color keeps my eye under control very well. The second one seems a little scattered(i think it is because all the the mouths are not as distinct) The third one is also really good, but i think the type can get bigger.
Have you noticed it looks like 3 slides to a flash animation. like when u put the courser over the icon all the mouths open... random but it might help

Anonymous said...

i agree with Nav about the first one, it has the nicest shape and reads very well. The symmetry in it is really nice but i don't think it worked in the 3rd piece too much since you're seeing it from overhead.

I like his idea about making a sort of rollover effect where the fly traps' mouths would open, it would be pretty bitchin'

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