Its been awhlie

well as the title says, its been awhile

this piece is something Ive been working on and I could really use a fresh pair of eyes one it please let me know what you think so I can touch it up for tuesday


Bernadette said...

I really dig your color palette. I suggest you find some better ref. for the forearm it looks pretty wonky. The rendering on their leather suits looks very good.

Mike Puncekar said...

Well, I'm way too late on this for touchups.. but for future portfolio, yeah, becuase the rest of this is up to such a high standard that forearm really sticks out. And I also have no idea what the guy is holding... Looks like a palm leaf? I really can't figure it out, and now I'm way curious. Great drawing here though, love the car especially. I'll be surprised if you don't get cover, seems like stuff uko and his buddies would be into.

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