Pillow King

Here is my painting so far. If you remember the line drawing I posted some odd three weeks back, you can tell she's come a long way. I have yet to paint in the sheet and pillow and finish the curtain/wall, but production of everything else is headed to the finish.

I have probably a good session of painting left on it, and I wanted to get opinions before I put a fork in it.

Two questions: The pants. Change color/contrast/keep them the same? The lamp in the room. Are you OK with the amount of conrast this adds to an admittedly minor element?

Everyone I have bashed with a critique, now's your chance.


Alex Alvarado said...

The thing that's bothering me

A.) Simply the resolution that the male figure is painted in, if the face was brought up to the level of the girl's most foreground hand it would elevate the quality of the entire piece. (specifically, tighten up the nose's cast shadow and gradient it a tad to catch the cool ambient light. There are patches of what might be under painting spotting through in some areas. The tip of the chin, the deepest parts of the wrinkles. These spots seem a bit too cool in relation to the rest of the skin)

B.) some of the color relationships within the skin of the male could be tweaked. The red on his temple seems too cool, the greener tones on his chest seem to deviate a bit too far from the average skin tone. (or maybe it's more of a value grouping issue)

I'm sure you planned to address all of this in your next painting session, I'm just rambling really.

These observations could be way off, take it with a grain of salt. Overall, the piece is superfly fantastic.

D.R. Hovey said...

Hey, screw you! just kidding. Thanks for the critique, I've been sitting here wondering about the looser style of his face as well, but you've given me the push to change it up. Good insights, thanks again!

SHYsuiko said...

wow-- your painting's progressed a lot since i've last looked through your blog or oondu.
this is great, from the painting technique to the composition itself.

his smudged hair is my favourite part <3

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