Re-inventing myself

Id really like a crit from you guys on some stuff ive been working, a whole new look. I've developed a new method of doing things and I want to know what you all think from an artistic/illustrative point of view, not so much subject matter.

most of these are a bit unrefined as they are still sketches, but the overall feel of what a final would look like in this method shows up

my question is would you all like to see me pursue finalized illustration in this manner

im pretty excited about them and i think theres a ton of potential here

plus then I could just work strait digitally

please let me know


Mike said...

You know like like this sort of stuff, but I think it needs some more refining. The scattering is just so perfect it feels too fake. And you aren't pushing your hard edges enough now. I think this combined with your old workings would be much more powerful that limiting yourself to such a see through brush. And I can't help but look at the subject matter you are dong and think that it's matching up all that well. Leggy woman and gritty sandy brushes just don't mesh all that well for me.

PhiL said...

interesting take mike, i took a couple of these a little further, i think its pretty interesting, and ppl seem to think its pretty original for the simple fact that its sandy/leggy women if you grab a minute, head on over here and you can see two of these with a more refined look


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