Underwater cat

Hey guys I am working on a piece to submit to Ammo magazine. It will be published sometime after May 7th in the UK. I was thinking of the Felix the Cat episode where he gets pulled into the ocean and chills out with some fish. This is what I've got so far, any suggestions? Heres the mag http://www.ammomagazine.co.uk/ if you're interested its free to submit your portfolio


Anonymous said...

i really love how alive the cat is and the whole piece is great as usual, makes me want to go swimming. I think you should push the depth in this one more just to pop the foreground even more, like some darker water in back maybe?

Leo-O said...

I agree with chris, but also you should make the cat black so people can get the reference of felix the cat. you should also add highlights to the kelp,the reef and the fish to push out the foreground and as for the background of seafoam green you should put a 1-2 washes of phthalo blue to emphasize the turquoise light around the cat.

Nate said...

I really like the movement in this, you seem to have a knack for painting kelp haha. If I had one suggestion it would be maybe to gradate the water so it appears darker at the bottom left and gets lighter the closer it comes to the cat. And maybe some purples touched into the foreground reef, etc. Looks great though.

- Nate

Alex Lyon said...

This is looking really good Bernadette. That is one basass cat you have created. Im not seeing anything major that is bothering me. If i was gonna nitpick? maybe a few more fish. usually taht close to a corel reef you get like butloads of all types of fish, or maybe just make the ones you have a bit more prominate. Either way nice composition.

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