The Arctic Assassin

This is my final for Groff's class this Thursday. We were all given action hero/villin names andtold to design a character around them. I can't remember for the life of me what his first name is but his last name is Lighting and his occupation is Arctic Assassin. Once I find out his first name I will probably try to make his whole name work with the title block in the corner.


Bernadette said...

premium colors dude! also good texture everywhere. Only crit i have is his calf looks a bit thin for the size of his arm.

Nate said...

The face and hood are probably my favorite part. Definitely nice choice of color.

Tyler C. Bolyard said...

Looking good man! I like the color palette a lot too. My only crit would be his right hand looks a bit wonky, the silhouette shape is a little hard to read as a hand.

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