Book cover WIP

I don't know if this is any better, I tried to make him a bit younger. Thanks for the crits, I'll keep working on it.

I'm really sick of working on this; I thought I would post it up here to get some help.

The top and right spaces are for text and it's still going to wrap around on the left for the back cover (so no awkward arm cutoff).



Bernadette said...

Your rim lighting is too uniform around his head, think of it the same way Mr. Wang describes the core shadow. You might try making the sky a value lighter than his hair to bring him forward. I think his shoulder seems a little small for the size of his elbow. Otherwise this looks baaalller. Hope that helps

Phong Nguyen said...

Looks dope. Nice face. The rim lighting thing is gonna be hard to work out since if you make the bg lighter, the text isn't going to show up as well. THe way you have it now is fine to me. There's some drawing issues that could be worked out though.

Firstly the telephone poles are too short. Things line up on the horizon so right now the sign is about as tall as him which is fine, but the telephone poles only come up to about his waist. Shoulder pad needs to angle a bit more cus it doesn't look like it's sitting right on the shoulder right now. I would angle the arm more so it's not just going straight down through space. He's twisting his body so I feel like it should come out more in perspective. Open up the pose more cus right now he's all contained in a small shape. Work it out in silhouette and you'll see what I mean. The elbow cutoff thing might still look awkward even with the wraparound cus you're suppose to design it as 2 pieces that wrap around. It will probably not be viewed as one piece on the market.

I know you're probably gonna finish it up in the next few days so you can;t make any drastic changes, but those are some things to keep in mind.

Jake Murray said...

Man, Alex. Your stuff just keeps getting better. The rendering is really nice and I really like the muted color. I don't have any crits that haven't already been said. So I'll just stick with "Good job!"

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