Lonely Bot

This was more an exercise in practicing with the medium than the subject matter. I did a simple bot and just went at it working directly in color rather than starting B&W then washing colors overs. I made some adjustments at the end to the levels (second piece) so not sure if it is too dark now or what. First piece, is the original.I spent probably over 3 hours on it, which is long for me on a non- school related piece. But I felt like this was a personal step in the right direction. Didn't use any awesome custom brushes, just used the traditional brushes. CRITS CRITS CRITS please, I know there are things that are wrong and there are some things that are bugging me but I can't put my finger on it. Hope everyone is having a good summer-



Leo-O said...

Ok, first comment. I see a good improvement in your work but, you need some work on perspective for your character's arms and body. Like for instance the left arm-tricep area is looking odd and it's confusing. as for value it's pretty good but you need to push it a little more, for instance your rim lighting or your highlights are a bit soft which gives it a fuzzy look and robots aren't fuzzy. as for you background you need to establish you horizon line and need to clear up what you want your focus on. but good work, keep at it

Br()wnie said...

I agree with the highlights looking fuzzy in some places- thanks leo

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