Marko Typhus: Warlock Hunter


Alex Lyon said...

Nice character Kev. My biggest critiques is the digital lighting, the jacket and how it wrinkles, the edges of the silhouette and the ground not interacting with the character yet.
I know you have the reffereance, I just thinkyou need to go back into his clothes looking more at that shot of Jeff. The lighting I'm not sure about. I would just find a good example you like by another artist to start from. I think the edges will work them selves out with the clothes and the ground i think needs like a brick/tile flooring texture or maybe some stones and a shadow.

And personally I would try to add a vignetted shape to go behind im instead of that gradient. That and a more narrow crop would make a big difference.

Good chracter though. Sweet Concept.

Tyler Parkinson said...

I like this one a lot, I agree with Alex on the technical stand points but the design is great, now just finish it :D

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