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Here is a commission I just finished as well as 3 character ideas I've been messing with for awhile, if anyone has any critisism or questions feel free to tell me or ask me.


Anonymous said...

are you freshmen? your work waaaayyy too great for freshmen year.. keep it up!!

Wes Talbott said...

well I'm basically a sophomore now... lol thanks!

Alex Lyon said...

Seriously? geez man that I didn't know. Well you can draw like a muther F***er. All this means though is that your ahead, and that mean we can all be harder on you haha. Nice post though. Pretty solid armor designs. I always take forever to come up with armor I like.

sarkat said...

Yeah, what the hell hah. Nice design work. I like your digital painting too- the only thing I'd have to say is everything is looking a little homogeneous and soft, which is a big problem in digital painting. Try playing with different brushes and stroke styles. I think you're advanced enough to start worrying more about your own technique now.

The hair and eyes on the guy are gorgeous. Great work.

Wes Talbott said...

Thanks guys!

Yeah for some reason I can't get the guts to start using different brushes... altho I do want to start loosening up a bit. I'm hoping to maybe learn some things from some upper classmen or faculty that know more about digital painting. Or just painting in general. I'm still very cookie cutter "draw the lines, fill in the lines"

sarkat said...

Well, there are a lot of different approaches to digital painting- in fact I don't use lines at all. I just block in form. Everything you do doesn't have to be spectacular. Just don't be afraid to experiment. Even if you fudge it up and its hideous, you'll still learn from the experience.

If you're a sophomore and you're illustration, then you'll probably have Mckissick's class. He touches on digital painting but not until second semester. And I'm not claiming to be totally awesome, but I am one of the few juniors that does digital painting so I could let you know what little bit of knowledge I possess if you ever wanna hit me up for questions. I think that the only other upper classmen that do digital are on this site and they're all usually willing to help so don't be afraid to ask.

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