Henry the Killer

Don't know why his name is Henry, just came to me...ha. CS5, couple of hours, feels like it needs a push, something to give is some extra pizzaz! I think it lies in the rendering and no reference haha, i think maybe a little more contrast and maybe work some areas more to give a little more detail, which I started to do around the head and shoulders


Thanks guy


PS- Is there a better way to upload files than JPEG on these blog sites and deviant art? Sort of a noob question, but is it worth switching to TIFFs...or something else?


Anonymous said...

Looking good! The one thing that bothers me is his limp hand. You definitely want to give it more of a grip on that gun. Otherwise, I like the shape and rendering of it, especially for a sketch. Other notably weird things: the checkered skirt or whatever is down there, the handbag without a visible strap.

As far as uploading images go, it's best to go on photoshop and make them all rgb and 72 dpi. I usually change the size to no larger than 800 pixels wide as well.

Br()wnie said...

Thanks Mr. Noel... Yeah that hand sucks I will admit that, after though. I feel like a Rob Liefeld leaving out feet and hands haha

I will try uploading the images that way- thanks again

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