ok...well it's been a very long time since i've posted and mostly due to financial and living situation which has been very tedious. but heres some highlight sketches that i've done in the past couple months that i'll probably turn into finals in due time. in this dump i've explored different styles from children's book illustrators,comicbook illustrators and animators and just simply plain played around. tell me what you think!!


Mike Puncekar said...

Man, out of all these sketches the little bird dude on the 3rd page holds my interest the most. That ink drawing has so much life in it. A lot of these have a pretty loose structure. If you want to go cartoony, some basic animator shaping would go a long way in making these look more stable. It's good that you are drawing on paper man. Anyhoo don't take this as I hate these drawings but they lack some confidence to them. You know you can draw, and you've certainly seen enough other drawings to get a good feel. Get some flow and confidence going. Ditch the shaky lines. To shed sketchy lines I made a commitment to draw in pen. It made me think before I put down a line because there was no going back. It's a good way to build confidence in your line.

Leo-O said...

thanks dude. i'll definitely switch to pen to clean up my linework payne told me this as well and I've been trying to get better at it

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