No Place like home WIP3

Ok well I'm very close to being done (depending on what kind of feedback I get) although I could probably noodle away at this for the rest of the year. It's feeling fairly complete to me.

Let me know what you think could use some more attention or less attention. Probably about... 16 hrs on this so far.


Sara Diesel said...

Dude, this is looking pretty wicked. I love the trees in the foreground, the statues, and your overall lighting is pretty dramatic. Nice.

But I took one look at that horse and it crushed it. The character is focal point, and his horse still looks deformed. I don't even think it has an ass?


This chick has millions of high res pics of horses from all different angles. You might be able to find one to help out your horse.

The other thing is that the castle is way too in focus. The detail work is incredible, don't get me wrong, but you start pulling the houses into an atmosphere as they get farther away that doesn't seem to apply to the castle. I'd say try lightening the castle a bit more or murking up the crystal clear detail. Otherwise, it just kind of ruins this beautiful background you've got going on.

And, did you clone your little guard man? They look way too similar. Try changing the angle of one's staff or how far apart his legs are spread. Even though they're doing the same gesture they don't have to be exact replicas. Giving that little bit of personality will really punch it up.

But yeah, this is really amazing work. Keep it up!

Wes Talbott said...

Thanks Sara! Yeah I do have reference of a horse in that exact pose but it's a little low res. I'll look into it more.

The castle should be an easy fix.

For the guards I originally had 2 separate poses but then decide that since they are both trained military guards they should be in the exact same formal pose. I could probably change the spear angle on one though.

thanks for the quick response and comments.

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