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Rico Jackson presents to you, a slight retelling of the fairytale, Hansel & Gretel!

This is my final from my Children's Illustration class. We had to do a retelling of a classic story, poem or fairytale. Naturally, I did fairytale. As I sat and contemplated the many possibilities of the project, I ended up sketching a really sassy looking Gretel, and ran with it. So there you have it. I would really appreciate some critique! As of now, I'm not a big fan of:

* The Witch's shoes- They're so boring! I gotta jazz them up.

* Hansel's hands - Not very flattering shaping or stylization.

* The grass - Couldn't settle on a style or certain way to do the grass, any suggestions, hints, or tips?

* The background - The colors may be too chromatic? Is the green in the windows a little weird? And are those minty lollipops competing too much with the rest of the image?

All things I'll be attending to, but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Rico! I would suggest making the background, not necessarily less chromatic but, a lower value. I don't think the green is weird but it needs to be lighter along with the rest of the background.

The shoes are kind of funny I think because the top curves around and then runs back into the rest of the shoe. Maybe you could make the curves smaller quicker.

Also, I would actually try and go flatter with the grass maybe adding some texture with a few brush strokes or something.

But, I'm diggin the sassyness overall haha :)

Margaret Hardy said...

Awesome style! I love Gretle's sassiness.

I agree with Amanda about making the background a lower value, especially around the characters, and popping out the foreground with more chroma and contrast. The grass looks copy and pasted, keep playing with it.

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