Cats and Dogs

So this is my very FIRST post on Oondu! Yay my names Darian Artis Shepherd and I'm a senior illustration major. I'm thinking about submitting this piece for SOI, I still wanna work on some lighting and reflective issues but any crits would be appreciated:)


Margaret Hardy said...

Hi Darian! This is an exciting piece! The farthest background is pretty and helps set the "space" tone, but it looks too much like a straight-up NASA photo. Also, to make it even more dynamic, maybe try some perspective on the buildings, or tilting them (to the left would make the dog seem like he is flying at an even crazier angle... which could be good).

Mike Puncekar said...

Lot of cool stuff going on here. I do have some suggestions though, zoom and crop this in so it doesn't feel so empty and it feels a bit more chaotic. And I'd be lying if I said I dind't wish those buildings were tilted as well. Those two things rob this otherwise fantastic thing of a lot of speed. A gradual fade of black to maybe like a purple line could help push those cats back there a bit further as well, and give the illusion of a cleaner line.

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