Cyclops & Sketches

I finally got around to taking some nice photos of the paint job on my cyclops resin bust to send to Spectrum, so here it is. Also, a couple more turtle character idea sketches I did yesterday.


Mike Puncekar said...

Looks badass man, but I thought spectrum stuff had to have already arrived at their offices. Not just postmarked.

Hope not for your sake. Love the use of gloss on the eye and all that. And with how you applied the bright paint spots, he sort of looks a bit reflective, just the tiniest bit.

Tyler C. Bolyard said...

Thanks Mike. I thought so too about Spectrum, but it says on the front page of their site that as long as it's post marked by the deadline they'll keep their doors open.

Br()wnie said...

Man Tyler that airbrushing looks incredible sir! Nice investment, very inspiring work. Glad that worked and hopefully you will get it in to Spectrum

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