so here is a painting that I finally finished. Started it last summer. It's a self portrait obviously. A friend of mine took it. We were at he Wexner Center and I happened to make a face while she was messing with another friends camera, and when I saw it later I really really enjoyed the photo so I decided to paint it. Hope you find it enjoyable


Wes Talbott said...

there's a :/ face in ur signature.

Anonymous said...

ahhahahahahahahahahahah! thanks wes xD

Mike Puncekar said...

Your lips... are so small... Scary small.

How big is this thing? I hope you plan to hang it on the back of your bathroom door so when that door swings shut it's just staring down the poor sucker in there.

Great use of grey btw, and that line that goes from white, to grey, to blueish grey as it travels from the neck and around the chin is perfect.

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