snakes version 2.0

Since the last post I tweaked a few things. I also did a few more. 2 of them aren't quite up to par with these, but I'll post them later.


Sara K. Diesel said...

Still looks like Dratini, dude, but I'm diggin' the second one. I would be careful with the double headed thing because it confuses a viewer as to what to really look at first. Pick a spot to be the focal point. I think the color and the texture on the second one is working as well. Nice stuff.

Margaret Hardy said...

This is a really cool look you have going on, watercolor-ish, a bit messy... nice nice. I agree with Sara about the second one, the heads are too similar and in the exact same pose, with the same amount of attention directed at each one. Which...one...to...look at! ah!

Bernadette said...

Nice form on those. Top one is an interesting composition.

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