don't judge me bro

A little bit of star wars fan art... just before bed. I have been doodling my own stuff so much lately I just had to take a break and I felt like sketching something real quick before bed. This isn't a serious piece, but as always crits are welcome. I put colors on their own layer so I am going to play around with different designs later. Man I would love to work on the clone wars... And I am just noticing the tangent with the crop and emblem..

Just figured I would post since I haven't in a while



Mike Puncekar said...

Great lines and style on this. Post more man. I love the animation-like style you've developed.

Br()wnie said...

Thanks Mike- I will, I appreciate the comment

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Wow... That is indeed inspirational. I wish I could draw that well! I was actually workin on a krayt dragon style mandalorian helmet when I found this. It's amazing.

Thanks again for the serious inspiration.

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