Process work for upcoming watercolor

This is for a quick one week watercolor assignment for Methods with Kovach. I wanted to try to really push myself into making something a little more "Illustrative" than my usual kinda stiff mechanical style. I also really wanted to make a better composition than I usually do. These are just quick studies but if you guys notice anything you feel would improve it let me know.


Kenneth Mosley said...

The only thing that seems to need replacing is the sword in the squirrels right hand, at the moment it looks like the badgers left knee is being lopped off. The rest of the comp looks good though.

Alex Lyon said...

Nice comps Wes. Very finalized. Which is always where you want them to be when the client sees them. I'm noticing to issues. the first is along with Kenneth's post about the squirrel. The thing i didn't realize at first was that this little guy was int eh foreground and not behind the badger. i would see if you could foreshorten his lower half as well to help convey his motion and size along with the badger. It does feel as though he is leaping straight up into the badger rather then jumping into action with his counterpart.

The second thing is the heavy core shadow on the bodies of the snake. I would suggest maybe making the left snake more cool at the core of the shadow, and then fade darker to the right. But not quite as dark as it is now. It works very well as a directional tool as far ass the composition goes but also starts to close off the composition just a little to tightly.

Great work man. Can't wait to see the final water color.

Wes Talbott said...

Thanks for the critiques guys!

iMoosker said...

This is a very successful composition, however, what would make it more successful is if you added more depth perspective, and faded out the badger in the background- because ironically, even though the badger in the back is meant to be further away from the 'camera', he almost looks as though he is closer just because of how bright his colors are.

Otherwise, lovely watercolor work!

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