Lion Rider

This is a personal peice I'm working on. I went back to drawing fully fledged lines for once instead of straight painting like I have been. I forgot how much fun it is. Anyway I wanted to make this able to be cropped 2 different ways so that it could be a smaller vertical composition but then also a landscape with a character in the foreground to be used as a wallpaper or banner.

There are few things I would like critique on.

1. Does anything in the lines look awkward to the point where it may not be fixable when painted?

2. Does the smaller vertically cropped composition hold up with most of the sword cropped out?

3. If anyone has suggestions for a location or object of interest that I could put behind this character in the background I'd love to hear them. Right now I've pretty much just lightly sketched some rolling hills and large rocks and a cave but I feel like it could use something more like maybe huge pillars with glowing runes or something.

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Sara K. Diesel said...

I definitely think that the smaller composition loses a lot by cropping the sword that much. It's a leading line that takes the viewer's eye right out of the composition, especially since it's basically the only object breaking the four corner comp you've got going on as well.

As far as the larger composition, I think it breathes better. You've got so much detail going on in the lion and armor that I don't think putting glowing runes or something too flashy in the background would work. It seems you're making the character the main focus, so you should stick with that. I have no problem with just hills- but you should make it plausible for his mount. Lions do not usually live in mountainous regions, so perhaps you would be better off thinking of areas where that creature could exist in this fictional world.

I also have a note about the lion. Proportionally, he looks a little small in comparison to his rider. Not to mention that I doubt a lion could carry a man of that size who is also wearing armor to weigh him down. Though the direction hides it, I think that the knight you have would probably have his feet dragging on the ground if his mount was standing up normally. I'm just not sure I would believe it as his mount if I saw it. I know making it larger maybe seems like a bit of a stretch, but you already have a knight riding a lion, which is a stretch itself. It's your world, so the restrictions of our planet don't apply. I think it would be sweet to see something that resembled a lion, but didn't make me think right off, 'oh, that's just a lion.' Maybe something a little more complex since I know you're capable of pulling it off. Something plausible.

I think it's a great start, and lines are definitely your strong suit. I can't wait to see the next step.

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