...And the ice is broken?

ummm so I don't mean to jump the gun or anything with this...but I figured I would just throw something out here to get, well, something out here. Being a nerd I felt the need to do something batman related so this afternoon I started playing around with a more classic sort of joker design and it lead to this. I have no idea what I really want to do with it in regards to the background or anything...so please, tear it to shreds.

Also I have no idea if this is how you want posts to work...if not, well too darn bad cause it's already out here.

-Dave Armstrong


Mike Puncekar said...

Pretty tight looking old school joker man. I actually have a batman piece in the works along with a joker sketch I was gonna post with it. Hopefully no one thinks it's a fan-art board if they stumble across it. Eh, you could cut down on size if you want, not a really big deal, but it would hide some of stuff you shouldn't have to worry about like faint pre paint marks.

Smile is pretty rocking though. I like how you included an actual joker card and because of that I would have liked to see some textures maybe thrown in some places, and the tie actually lacks and edge and almost looks like balloon in it's current state haha. Still remains though, that I actually like this joker, and I don't like many of them. Some good lines are here and there is some nice dynamic things happening. His arms is kind of freaking me out but I know it's just a WIP haha.

THANK YOU, for breaking the ice, as I am working on something, but by the time it's done people may forget about this place.

Dave said...

Yeah theres still a bunch of stuff to do with it (people typically have hands and stuff don't they?) and I think that textures on stuff like his tie and coat would really help it.

I've been thinking about having a building blowing up or a fire or something in the background to explain the singe marks on the card...but thats just me brainstorming. Also I need to figure out what the other arm will be doing (originally he was going to be holding one of those fake "bang sign" guns up to his head, so that may still happen?)

But if I can't find anything good to do with this I'm considering just doing a big montage of batman villains in my style (always good to have a half-assed way out).

thanks for the ideas though and I can't wait to see what goodies you've got in the works.

Mike Puncekar said...

Oh dang man, I really like the gun to the head idea, not sure how a pang sign will interact with the head (since I'm not sure how all of that will fit in the frame). When I first saw this I thought explosion! Collapsing building or something in the BG.

Right now my batman is looking pretty sinister, and I think if someone didn't know batman, they'd think he was a villian haha. Although it's not half as dynamic as this.

S. Alex Lyon said...

i'm liking it as well, the colors are really what throws me back i think. to the old school Joker. the pointy teeth on that bottom row are creepin me out too. that always a good thing in the case of a villain. i think my vote is for the gun idea too. and the explosion in the background could work well but half only because i cant think of anything else that could really work, i mean right now you've got something with a classic flavor that isn't corny but the minute you add like a tim burton Bat signal its gonna fall apart. haha. i have never been a fan of the bat signal. great lookin so far love the card, that may be my favorite part its a card you could actually buy in a deck! cool stuff. thanks for breaking the ice. haha

Mike Puncekar said...

I just realized this when was reading alex's comment, and if you add an explosion back there, your entire light source is gonna change. Maybe he's too far away for it not to have an effect, but that'll be tricky haha.

khavens.1 said...

Congrats man, the ice is broken. Joker looks excellent. I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and give you props for the colors. The purples work really well with the tones in the sky. I'd work on roughing out those sketch lines. Great start though

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