Venture Fan? I need suggestions!

Ok if your a fan of the show give me your suggestions, if your not a fan... get online watch some episodes then come back and give me your suggestions. This is my mock Venture movie poster. Something fun to hang in my apartment. This is just the main sketch, no clean up or anything like that. but I would like some crit. I'm happy with the basic layout and the poses but maybe something that could be added or better poses for  characters... or even as far as color schemes that pop into your head at first glance. Right now the big things I'm working on is the "added" looking members of the cast at the bottom looking more natural and Brock's pose... if i figure something out on my own ill post that too. 

- Alex Lyon


Mike Puncekar said...

Being a looser thumbnail, I feel abit retarded since i can't figure out what some stuff is, but what I can tell is, so far the composition is freakin awesome. Looks like you have it organized and ready to accept a nice value range with the main shapes breaking it up. Our 2D design teachers would be proud.

Is this gonna go painterly, pulp movie poster style, or go the route of the show? Either or I do hope you go with their color schemes, especially the ones in the opening credits, and utilize some of those textures, that would look awesome. It's a bit too early for me to tell much else.

Something on brock is messing with me, proportionally, like his body is too small. He has a really big chest in the show. But again, if you are going painterly, you would be changing it enoguh to get away with that stuff.

I'm pretty excited to see how this turns out, and I wouldn't mind an 8.5x11 sized print of it when it's done nudge nudge wink wink.

Dave Armstrong said...

Easily my favorite part of this is the monarch henchmen flying off. But this entire thing looks fantastic. It reminds me a lot of the artwork inside of the season 1 box set. And I would have to agree with Mike about using elements of the opening to the show (textures and colors).

This thing is clearly going to blow my mind when it's done.

S. Alex Lyon said...

That's great to hear. haha. Thanks. Yeah the idea is to get some painterly textures with out letting It get thick. So i really do want texture and value to drive it with lots of earth tones. But the idea with of the textures from the credits, I'm gonna need to take some screen shots.

Yeah I know Brock is a bit wonky, but I'm still collecting photo ref. so it should fix its self. The main thing I was worried about was the composition so I'm glad it got good reviews. I'll post a value and color study if and when they are completed. haha. Thanks guys.

Kev said...

Definitely catches the feel of the show and the Comp is great man. Not what I thought of when you were explaining it to me, but awesome nonetheless. I'd like to see Brock in a more dramatic pose. I like that he sort of arches over Venture.

Also I like the suggestions of using the DVD box art as a ref for color and texture. Good work sir

AllToDust said...

Well Alex, I like the iconic or hierarchical design of it with the upside down tri-angle. Id say that part is down, it looks like a vintage movie poster. Perfect. Brock should definitely be more dynamic, or at least puff out his chest a more, i like the butterflies flying away at the top, reminds me a bit of bawidamann designs, after you get the sketch solid, you really outa take a look at the artwork on the dvd boxed set, i think its water color but it looks really cool
-PhiL MiLLey

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