And here we... GO

Mmk, so I finally figured out how to add stuff on here. Anyways, this is kinda just a quick 2-D study for my next sculpey model. I had some fun playing with brushes and getting the shapes down fast. Just something to get me back into the swing of things before school starts back. I'll start posting the model itself once I've started. In the meantime, lemme know what ya'll think o' this. Suggestions and criticism are mandatory... But you guys knew that already.


S. Alex Lyon said...

yay! you posted! so far i like it. i now understand what you where talking about over the phone. i like the drawing so far. i think the textures got a little out of hand only because they started to fuz out the edges. what is the dog infected with ? i take it htats what is causing the tenticles? they look cool, but Maybe a few less and much thicker. The muscle tendons showing is gonna be killer though. You need to make sure to borrow that clear coat game workshop stuff I have to make it look all wet when the paint job starts, the same for the eyes. I would say at least paint them a color of some kind I wasn't a big fan of the metal finish last time. This of course is if you paint him.

The only other thing I noticed is that there is no line defining the bottom of the... scrotum from the back right leg. I doubt that will effect your sculpt but figured I would point it out.

Mike Puncekar said...

I think you've heard a ton from me already about this one haha. I agree with maybe a bit of a variety with the tentacles, I had just assumed you hadn't gotten to them yet. I'm still hoping you have some literally taking over some anatomy especially around the legs.

Like I said, I have a hard time thinking that those things aren't really messing up some muscle systems, so seeing some of those tentacles taking over as muscles I think could add another level of... well... evil to this abomination of nature you have so carefully crafted.

Still loving the use of the rake brush. I always chicken out when using it. How are you liking those brushes I gave you anyway?

Kev said...

Thanks guys, mike those brushes you gave me have become part of my standard regiment. Fun stuff and easy to tweak to what I need it for. And yea, I would like to work the tentacles into the body more, maybe so that you can see them underneath the skin or something. I wanna have little "outbreaks" all over the body. I'm still brainstorming but the idea of the dog being supported only by this parasite" thingy sounds awesome. I'll tweak this a bit more so that I know what I'm doing once I make the jump from 2-D to 3-D

PhiL the Zombie said...

3-d pieces always benefit when you get the sculpt off the ground and "float" them, have you considered making the dog leaping forward with only one paw left on the ground? how AWESOME would that be? Im liking it so far, but yeah definitely tidy op those tentacles, theres far too many of them right now.

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