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Ok guys, (PLEASE GIVE ADVICE) here is a pencil rough for the next part of my series, this ones called "This Flesh, A Tomb" its about death and the frailty of the human body, so Im thinking i need to represent that more, also I want to do something with the ground plane but im not sure what, i dont want to overcrowd this one like the last one so im starting off slow, I was thinking about putting some ravens on the ground, but let me know what you guys think.


Mike Puncekar said...

Dang man, really loving the comp on this, and you know I like the subject matter.

So far it's a thumb so I won't comment on anatomy or anything, but I'd say the composition is pretty spot on and easy on the eyes. Curious to know what kind of colors you are thinking about.

Ravens? I'll give it a maybe, as long as they aren't symetrical to the comp I think you could do it, but still stay visually balanced.

Digging the eyes a ton right there.

I said I wasn't gonna say anything about anatomy, but that dude is sporting some large feet haha.

S. Alex Lyon said...

yeah i only have to say that i would try to make the comp more interesting with dramatic lighting. maybe like a spot light to create shadows on the ground rather then ravens my vote is a no for them. and being figure dominate all i can say to that is not to cop out on the photo ref. if you don't know don't fake it.

other then that, get crackin!

PhiL the Zombie said...

Ill prolly go with a limited palette to match the first one, Ill most likely use a two different complement colors to show contrast like the last one too, but they wont be purple/orange

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