Digital Paint 2

Alright guys I really love the feed back from my last one. There was a lot of figuring out with the last one, but I feel like this one has been a good improvement. I really tried to take everything into account that was mentioned about the last paint. So let me know what you think. ANY suggestions will be welcomed with open arms. I feel like I'm starting to get this but there is still a lot to figure out. Be honest guys.

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Mike Puncekar said...

Looks awesome. The mountains really make me jealous.

My guess is that most will tell you to just get some more scale things in there... there is a lot up front in the comp, and maybe a fore shadowing of what's coming up on the horizon. A sillouette of some architecture of something. I did like your idea of towers too. I think you are pretty aware of this, so I won't say much more, but it really looks good so far.

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