Eastern Bloc

Hey guys I'm new
to this  so i figured
i would just go for it
and put some art up,
this is a landscape i 
did on photoshop,
i haven't really showed
this yet, sooo give me
so comments or 



Kev said...

Nice, I like the line drawing a lot. I think the painting itself could use some harsh lines and a little more fine detail. The colors are excellent but I don't like how soft all the shadows are. In the background it works but up front on the house you need to get a little more definition in there. Like I said before, great work man. I'd like to see a series of things like this.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I think the line work is rockin it but the color is definately not. I mean, I know your going for the grungy look of an urban wasteland, but I think more than just one solid color in the background would be better, and more color on the house in the middle would make it pop more. I do like this piece overall, the concept of a "blight" free zone in a city is pretty cool, I like you just need an other go at the painting of it.

S. Alex Lyon said...

Great to see a new person posting man. This is really sweet how big this is getting. I'm gonna agree with Kevin entirely. Giving a much more crisp look to the piece will really support the line work rather then deter from it. Over all I love the vibe that you've accomplished with the style of the drawing but I think that the softness holds it back. Another thing, adding to what Phil said, about the palate, I think you could throw a few more colors into the mix. Nothing drastic. Personally I think it's working with the piece, but needs a bit more diversity all in all a good start and a great drawing. The softness is just a technique tip how often do you do digital stuff?

The color is more or less just my opinion.

Mike Puncekar said...

I like the colors, personally. Think they give it a really nice mood and a very clear focus. At this point I think you just need to clarify some clearer shaping. SO starker eedges here and there, and maybe even some subtle texture overlays coiuld go a long way in really bringing it home. Looking cool though. I just saw you this morning... but now you have another comment haha

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