Whoa. So I haven't been out here like all summer long. Good to see everyone keeping busy though. I guess for my first post I'll throw out this Heath Ledger Joker I did about half a week ago. Done in Painter X about 3 hours. Hope y'all like it.


PhiL the Zombie said...

Very nice, i like the mood you set with the colors you used, it really pops.

S. Alex Lyon said...

I'll have to agree with Phil. Although you lost a bit of the likeness of Heath ledger, you still hit the Joker dead on. Very natural pose too. Kudos.

Kev said...

Ok, I saw this and was like, "Hey, who the fuck ripped this offa ConceptArt!!"

Then I realized it was YOUR work ON ConceptArt. Awesome job man. I'm diggin' the Brushwork. Loved it when I saw it on CA, love it even more now that I know the guy who did it haha

Mike Puncekar said...

I saw this on boot camp but I entirely forgot to comment on it. Dig the paint drips and all. Something about the mouth is bothering me, but I can't put my finger on it. Seriously good colors here. You always manage to impress.

Nice to see you posting something as well!

PhiL the Zombie said...

I think that the utter blackness of his left eye is what I like the least. It make me wana feel my own face to make sure there isnt a gaping hole there too. I think just the SLIGHTEST hint of the rim of the lower eye lid, or a reflection on the lens, would fix that problem.

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