If I could direct your attention to the right...

We have a new feature off to the side. 


Some are probably going "OH NO". But this isn't your normal activity. There is no time limit, it's a suggestion. No one is required to participate, and if one goes unanswered that's ok. Although, since at the moment the suggestions rely on whatever is wagging my tail at the given moment, chances are I'll at least get something out. I'll be trying to keep them nice and broad in subject matter as they come, so there can be many interpretations. None of those "Wizards with blue hats casting spells" crap to be found here. Just cliche' or abstract suggestions that sound fun for any illustrator. Plus, it doesn't hurt to branch out from time to time and beef up your art chops. When will this be over? Probably when I just feel it has had it's fill or won't be taken up on. It takes like a minute to get a new pic over there in that template, so it really doesn't bother me, but don't be surprised if something is up for a month or so. What I'm saying is there is no timetable for these things. At least a week though. Once school starts, I know I won't be keeping a close eye on this place as much as I have so far this summer.

This time we shall jump up on our horses, throw on our hats and shoot massive holes in thin objects while we laugh drunkenly into the desert sun. Large run-ons aside, the Wild West has always been a favorite theme of mine. It can go so many different ways or you can just crank out a cowboy and have some fun. 

Just kind of trying this out. I know we don't truly have enough posters to really pull this off the way it should, not to mention I'm not sure how many people even check this thing except for myself, alex, kevin, and phil...  but consider it a trial period none the less, and not the main goal for this little conglomeration of people.

On an unrelated note... Oondu is now the first result for "oondu" on google... AND... I found out it does mean something. I found out it is Hindi. It means: 1. A pond 2. Deep 3. A pit or deep hole.

I think it's rather symbolic. 

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S. Alex Lyon said...

Good idea. I'm onboard for this. I have completely fallin out of habbit of using a sketchbook so maybe this will cause me to think of something to draw.

Nice little box layout too. I like it.

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