Sketch Extravaganza.

A bunch of new and old stuff, all thrown together lovingly for you all to prod and poke. These are primarily all sketches in either Indian ink, BIC pen, gouache and the very few pencil sketches I've cranked out. Oh, and there is a painter leftover too.  All of this is technically could be considered summer leftovers, really. Still have a ton more sketches, but they are mostly really hard to read doodle pages only I could translate, or stuff I can't show because they are coming later (The fabled batman painting that is driving me mad). Although, as you can see, I am still drawing bats quite a bit. Critique if you please.

Figured it was about time I posted something.


S. Alex Lyon said...

Hell yeah im first!

Looking good mike as always. These are all good reasons why i look to you for advise when need be. Im liking the unusual stuff the things that aren't as "stereotypical" i guess you could say. i love the librarian and that ink? portrait of the brunette. i just really loving the brush strokes you are getting with her and that profile of the guy, gouache? thats what i am really trying to pull off in my piece now but am kinda struggling with. and if you know my stuff you can see why i wouldn't know how to be more "expressive" . you will see soon enough.

those are the ones that stand out to me the most. i love your sketches but the "sketchy" beginnings get to dar sometimes to really apriciate the final out come. but if your holding htings back for later, THAT is the stuff i want to see. the only thing i am noticing in some of the little sketches here and there. the minor stuff, is proportions of the arms. i notice that putting a Rifle in a guys hands throughs you off sometimes. since i never really do it i have no idea how i would handle it but i figured i would nit pick since you usually don't like "wow mike looks so amazing i don't see anything wrong!!! your the best illustrator ever..."

WELL NOT TODAY. haha. there lookin good man. get that damn Batman up!

oh yeah: guy choking his monkey on page 2...nice touch.

Joker looks good, Batman i feel needs a square jaw. but that i think is a personal pref.

Mike Puncekar said...

AH. Ya got me about the rifle things and such. Limbs in general get spotty for me since I tend to draw in a pretty random manner. You see a lot of straight on faces and stuff because I still don't know what i want to draw so I start to doodle, and next thing you know I have a librarian or something. In return, lots of floating wonky people.

Nothing here had any reference either, which I probably should have peeked at at some point.

Although I still suck at hands and I just recently started working on that since, it's really starting to hurt my drawings I think.

I'm glad you noticed some less of the stereotypical stuff, since I am trying to branch out a bit, slowly but surely. I've actually grown tired of zombies and vampires at this point, although I still draw them out of habit and I still love that subject matter to pieces, although I feel a ghost kick coming on soon, in hopefully an epic manner.

Lately I've been wanting to do master studies of all things, since I think I'm finally feeling ready to break into more color. It's crazy cause I've drawn so many things, filled so many sketchbooks, but have yet to consider an illustration done or ever felt comfortable with color.

The librarian is with a cheap pen, just about all of it is. Actually, everything but that first batman page is just bic pen witht he exception of the monkey sketch, digital zombie, and obvious sharpie sketches. All of that stuff on my blog is pen too. Loving the clean, scratchy look it gives lately.

The more painterly stuff is gouache or watercolor. I bought a nice big piece of watercolor paper I want to do a big ink drawing on with simple tone behind it, just have to decide what it will be, but I have a good idea.

The batman thing is coming along, even if I never work on it for more than a half-hour a day if I even go for it. It's do the point where I like it a ton, but I don't want to mess it up. I'm actually gonna break out some ref to finish because I think I set a standard with the face I normally don't have.

I got a ton of paintings sitting here from that summer course I'm gonna post along with batman. None are particularly good, so I figure I'll just stick them all together. Figured this post was big enough though.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I always love your sketches, you really channel yourself into them, these are all great, i especially like 5 and 6 but the rest are great too, you could make a book out of these, it might sell, think about it

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