Ok Oondu-ites, heres my value sketch of the next piece Im doin, I shant be explaining it again cuz i dont feel like it, for those in the know, SUGGESTIONS! for those who are new to it, scroll down dam it! Read a little bit! Then when you know whats goin on, SUGGESTIONS! Anyway, the first one is more or less how i plan to do it, the less done one is just a separate idea i had for background. Which one do you guys like better.


Mike Puncekar said...

I dunno man, I think I still prefer your first comp with the minimal background. It gave a nice figural focus, almost phil hale like in composition. If I had to pick I'd go with the top one with the trees... unless they are bombs going off... then I have to side with the corporations, but that just feels a bit too literal in something this abstract haha.

The anatomy is much improved though on the man. The woman's chest is kind of making me uncomfortable at this given moment, but I'm assuming you'll fix it when you go to paint. I have some high hopes for this one... as I generally like the play of abstract dimension and illustration all tied together the way it is. Personally though, I REALLY like your original comp more, skull and all. The simplistic eyes have to be my favorite part. These new busy backgrounds will be hard to manage, as they will distract very very easily, not that I doubt you could pull it off.

I'll let some others chime in since I'm probably just being biased towards your original comp... I really liked it, and this is my hissy fit haha.

PhiL the Zombie said...

yes those are trees, bombs goin off are for my final piece (teaser) and dont worry, i plan to REALLY fade out the back ground with rolling fog and low, low contrast, i wanted to leave that out to see which one people liked more, as for the skull, i dont know.... i know there cool, but i thought it would distract from the eyes, which I really want to show off, maybe ill put it in there, you just have to really look hard to see it *wink*

PhiL the Zombie said...

p.s. thank you for comparing something i did to Phil Hale

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