Underwater Cavern

So, I forgot to add the pic when I posted this... oops. 

Speedpaint of the night done in Photoshop Cs3. The waterfall was referenced, and then the excaliber and cloaked man were added in without reference. Expect more of this sort or stuff, since I never do environments, and I really need to figure it out. 


PhiL the Zombie said...

I really like the texture on this man, the composition too is quite nice. I too NEED to practice more environments, it seems like thats more important than anything these days, specially for the vid game industry.

I think some more vibrant colors could have helped this tremendously, just in one or two places to really make things pop that red of the cloak is like....meh
and if its a cave, how bout some irridecents mushrooms on that rock ledge, some teals could have been great for that

for a speed painting its fine work, you plan to do much else with it? i know you just like to move on to other things =D

Mike Puncekar said...

I probably won't do anything more with it, but it was good practice and I learned a ton, so I figure i should move on and keep on building some color knowledge.

I actually did have a vibrant red on him, but it was so overpowering, I'm pretty sure the sword never would have stood a chance of being noticed. Although I do agree with you, I just couldn't make it work without reworking a lot of the value in it, which for a speedy I wasn't up for.

Thanks for the words though, but yeah, I'm moving on haha

S. Alex Lyon said...

im really likin is so far. good test run. though speed paints are something i know your pretty good with. you know getting real expressive with your marks. thats something that i have a really hard time with. the colors in this are all working really well together.

Side note:
i just changed my link to lyonillustration.blogspot.com

and i love the new header. i need something this nice...

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