Venture Value

Here we go guys a finalized line drawing with a few changes and a fairly strong value range. With obviously not as wide a range as will be on the final. Let me know what you guys think of the changes. Other then that keep an eye on my page to see the final. Or come to my apartment where it will definitely be hanging above the couch. haha.


Mike Puncekar said...

This is awesome so far. I can only say keep on chugging. If the venture brothers themselves were a bit easier to spot I wouldn't mind it haha, but at the same time, i really don't care because I watch the show for Brock.

PhiL the Zombie said...

Lookin solid Alex. If i could make a few suggestions. 1 is about the design, 2 are merely personal preference so feel free to ignore the later.
Your over all design is very symmetrical except for one spot. You have a boat going out to the left for hank at the midget guy to stand on, but theres just a lot of open space to the right. I think it could benefit from something. The other things is Id like to see doctor venture coping more of an attitude, he usually is in the show. Lastly I dont like the position of brocks knife, i figure your putting it over doc venture to symbolize the whole body gaurd thing, but i think its a little destacting. Maybe he could hold it so the blade is running parallel to his fore arm, that always looks cool.
This is gona be great, I cant wait to see it finished. GO TEAM VENTURE!

S. Alex Lyon said...

haha thanks Phil. I know what you mean about the whole boat thing... I'm hoping to try to fix the issue with color because there really isn't anything that I could think of to put there. As far as the knife and Dr.Venture go... I have been thinking about the knife placement. I was afraid that it was to threatening looking rather then protective. But the idea of moving it closer to the forearm maybe a good idea... I may...haha

As for the Dr. Venture suggestion I went for that expression on purpose. I love the fact that he look so smug and...Aroused. haha like he is just inviting the ladies for a "piece of ol' Rusty."

I hope to get this done here this coming week. And Mike this is being done full size (27x40) so when you see it in person everyone will be very easy to see. These are just small jpegs.

PhiL the Zombie said...

you could try putting the X1 in the empty space maybe

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